Update 9.40 News for Mobile Version


On July 17, EpicGames released update 9.40 on all platforms. Shortly thereafter, the Fortnite development team discovered an error that reduced the stability of the game on iOS devices. Solving this problem and releasing July 18 update 9.40.1. Unfortunately, after that other errors began to occur.

What Happened?

After the update 9.40.1 was approved and became available in the App Store, it turned out that players could not download it due to a critical error in the files. The following message appeared on the device screens: “The file was damaged. Please try again later. ” After analyzing the situation, we noticed that this problem can be solved if you uninstall and reinstall the game. But since this method was only suitable as a temporary solution and gave a lot of inconvenience to the players, we began to work further.

How Did the Developers Fix the Situation?

In the end, the developers managed to correct this error by releasing a new update – 9.40.2. It became available to all users on July 19th. Users who downloaded the update 9.40.1 and encountered an error, finally were able to update the game without any problems. On July 22, as compensation for the fact that users had to delete and reinstall the game, EpicGames gave them 1000 B-bucks and 15 combat stars.

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Other Errors in the Mobile Version

While the development team was solving this problem, we discovered several more errors related to entering the game. They appeared in version 9.40 and prevented users of the mobile version from performing the following actions:

  • enter the game using the credentials of the console;
  • save login information using the “Remember me” function.
    In version 9.40.2, these errors are no longer present. The development team apologizes to users who have encountered them. At the moment, a list of players who have experienced inconvenience due to these errors is being compiled, and we are going to provide them with combat stars.

See you in the battle bus!



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