Update 8.20.1: Solved Problems

Today, March 29, developers released update 8.20.1, which fixes a number of bugs in update 8.20. The following describes in detail which ones.

NOTE: Together with Apple, developers are engaged in the certification update for iOS.

iOS device owners can still play – we’ll let you know when the update is available.

Battle Royal

  • Fixed a bug due to which the number of spectators did not change even after one or several spectators left the game;
  • Fixed a bug due to which in the arena mode, players could not take a place in the lineup of their level division if the group commander belonged to a lower division;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the trap with poisoned darts sometimes hid behind the elements of the walls;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented traps from being placed on walls if a ladder was attached to the wall;
  • Fixed a bug due to which players remained inside the balloon after hitting a boogie-woogie bomb;
  • Fixed a bug due to which invitations to players were not displayed on the chat panel.

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Creative Mode

  • Fixed a bug due to which creature generators stopped working in a given radius after resizing;
  • Fixed a bug due to which after repeated copying the phone displayed two beams instead of one;
  • Fixed a bug due to which non-lethal traps (ice blocks, trampolines, etc.) did not work before the game began;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the added to the island before the release of update 8.20 could not use accelerators;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the sequencer did not cause damage to the transport, even if the corresponding parameter was active.

Battle of the Storm

  • Returned to the game a secondary task of treasure hunting;
  • Fixed a bug that caused objects to disappear from the player’s inventory when performing the Treasure Hunt task;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the BASE incorrectly displayed above the buildings created by players.

Have you encountered an error that is not listed?

Report it in the official groups in social networks or using the feedback function in the settings menu.

How to use the feedback function in the game:

  • Open the settings menu during the game;
  • Use the “Feedback” button;
  • Create an error message to provide information.

Have a good Battle Royal, fellas!



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