Prop Hunt Begins!

One, two, three, four, five, I’m going to look for you!

Taking the classic modification created by the community as a basis, the team of talented developers StrayKite has created a new mode for Fortnite – “Prop Hunt”! Object team members have the ability to disguise almost any of the surrounding objects. Their goal is to avoid meeting hunters and hold out until the end of the round. The second team – the hunters – must find and kill all the participants in the command of the objects, before the time runs out.

Who are the Keenest Here?

Play Hide and Seek right now! Visit the new recommended island of StrayKite and play with 15 friends. Island Code: 6069-9263-9110

Create your own version of “Buckle” with the help of new features and devices of the creative mode: try a carbon gun, adjust the parameters and start the game! In the future we will add more features for this mode. Share your creativity with other players in social networks, Discord, Reddit and on sites with codes of islands of creative mode.

To support the creators of the “Prop Hunt” mode, specify the StrayKite code.

Have a good hunting!



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