Performance And Competitive Communication Update

This week we are discussing critical errors found over the weekend, new features, as well as the upcoming Q&A session about contests.

Errors Found Over the Weekend

Last week we discovered a serious mistake, due to which players sometimes got stuck in vehicles and could not leave it. We chose a radical approach, disabling all vehicles so that this error did not prevent the participants of the final competition. In our opinion, there will be no better transportation at the tournament than players will find themselves in an unpleasant situation that they cannot control.

We found a critical mistake that caused players to get stuck in traffic sometimes, and decided to remove it from the arena matches and this week’s Fortnite World Cup online tournaments. The developers will return the transport to the arena mode and to the next tournament after correcting the error in version 9.10.

In addition, the developers have identified several errors, due to which the sound of shooting in certain situations drowned out the sound of construction. Also, the player could land silently if he fell to the ground at a certain speed. Thanks to the user CouRage, who reported these errors and sent replay files, the developers are already looking for a solution. Update 9.10 plans to correct these errors and improve other sound effects.

New Information About Player Trips in Doubles Battles

In an article published last week, the developers discussed the problem of disabling players in pair battles. This problem has been encountered by several participants in the online Fortnite World Cup tournaments. In preparation for the next online tournament, the developers changed the game mechanics and the principle of disconnecting players in pairs.

On the sixth week, players who were left without a pair in the training zone before boarding the combat bus will be able to leave the match without receiving a penalty. But after the bus is in the air, the player left without a pair will lose points for this match, if he decides to leave him.

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In the future we plan to add a message to the pair matches, which will help the player to make a decision. The developers plan to do this with an upcoming update in order to make it to the next online tournament for couples.

Upcoming Game Balance Changes

The developers note that it is important for them not only to develop and move forward, but also to explain to users why they make certain changes in Battle Royale mode. Starting with the description of update 9.01, the development team provides a detailed description of the most significant changes in the game.

This week they changed the mechanics of Drum Gun, Baller, Compact SMG, and Slipstreams.

“Hold to Swap” Function

Initially, this feature was added to make it easier for players to place objects and weapons found at the beginning of a match in cells. Since the appearance of this function, several errors have been corrected in the game and improvements have been made, but it turned out that it only hinders some players.

In the upcoming update, we will make the function “Hold to Swap” disabled.


After the start of the ninth season, the developers found a decrease in performance on consoles, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices and immediately began to look for a solution to this problem. Some bugs will be fixed in the next update.

In version 9.01, several bugs were fixed and streamlining levels improved on all platforms. This feature speeds up loading levels and reduces blurring textures.

Developers continue to improve the performance of the game and improve streaming loading levels on all platforms, not only for the upcoming version 9.10, but all subsequent ones.

Q&A Session

In addition, the team recalls a weekly question and answer session at the Rednit “Fortnite Competition” sub-forum. In this session, they will only answer questions about Fortnite contests. Information about the date and time of the meeting will appear a little later.

Have a good Battle Royale, fellas!



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