NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings & Controller Keybinds

NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings Video Settings

Game settingsInput
Controller Sensitivity X0.70
Controller Sensitivity Y0.60
Controller Targeting Sensitivity0.50
Controller Scope Sensitivity0.50
Controller Building Sensitivity1.25
HUD Scale0.85
Spring by DefaultOff
Sprint Cancels ReloadingOn
Tap to Search / InteractOn
Toggle TargetingOff
Reset Building ChoiceOff
Aim AssistOn
Edit Mode Aim AssistOff
Turbo BuildingOn
Auto Equip Better ItemsOn
Controller Auto-RunOff
Auto Material ChangeOn
Brightness Calibration0.65

NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings Game Settings

Music Volume0.02
SoundFX Volume0.60
Voice Chat Volume1.00
Cinematics Volume0.60

NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings Fortnite Keybinds

Toggle Harvest Weapon
Toggle Build ModeO
Jump⨉ or Left Back Paddle(SCUF Controller Feature)
BuildRight Back Paddle(SCUF Controller Feature)


What are NICKMERCS’s Fortnite Settings?​

NICKMERCS is the record holder for the number of kills per game in Duo mode on the Playstation 4 platform. NICKMERCS made 46 kills for this match in conjunction with his partner. Often participates in tournaments and has good statistics, but in view of the specific style of the game, namely with “no need construction”, he sought a lot of criticism from other players. But the records speak for themselves.

NICKMERCS’s Fortnite Settings

In the resolution settings and graphics of the game, a resolution of 1920×1080 16:9. There is nothing special to note, the basic settings of the game in terms of graphics on the Sony Playstation 4 Pro, if I’m not mistaken.

NICKMERCS’s Mouse Settings

Given the specifics of the platform, NICKMERCS does not use a mouse, but plays using the Scuf Controller with a sensitivity of 0.07 along the X axis and 0.06 along the Y axis.

NICKMERCS’s Control Settings

The control keys almost by default as you can see on table, with the NICKMERCS’s settings for keybinds side shifts buttons which are used for Jump and Build in his basic profile.