Issues with Cosmetic Items

The developers have published a summary in which over the past seasons, players have reported them about various problems with cosmetic items. Thanks to this, they were able to find and begin to solve them. Now the developers are working to fix the problems – both those that they found themselves, and those that were reported to them by the community.

Known Issues

  • Wilde OutfitBackblings appear to be floating – Fixed in v9.30;
  • Cloud Strike GliderAppears blurry and compressed – Fixed in v9.30;
  • Point it Out Emote – Strange animation while using the Ripe Rippers Pickaxe – Example;
  • Dire Outfit – Legs appear to stutter when using certain emotes – Example;
  • Clutch Outfit – Arms look bad when using the Drop the Bass emote – Example;
  • PS4 Issue – Can’t Emote in the Lobby – Workaround;
  • Wraps – The icon and Locker preview appear different. Vision only and the Wrap is still displayed properly when applied in-game. – Example;
  • Shogun Outfit – Certain aspects of the Outfit appear warped – Example;
  • Fortbytes – Can’t collect the Bunkey Jonesy or Rox Outfit Fortbytes in some situations – Example.

Fortnite continues to grow, and developers work tirelessly to improve the performance and visual component of the game. Unfortunately, it happens that by repairing one thing, you can accidentally break something else. The number of cosmetic items is growing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to envisage all their possible combinations – and potential problems.

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The good news is that they are constantly improving their processes to catch errors before they appear in the game. Of course, developers cannot prevent them all, but they assure that the development team carefully reads error messages and tries to solve problems as soon as possible.

Found a problem with a cosmetic item? Write about it on any of the official Fortnite pages on social networks using the model below, and we will try to deal with it as soon as possible.


  • Cosmetic Item Name;
  • Description of the problem;
  • Platform;
  • Details/links to images.

Please report all such issues on our social networking pages. Your messages will help to correct them and make cosmetic items even more beautiful!

Have a good Battle Royale, fellas!



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