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Play in the Downtown Drop LTM by Air Jordan, created with the participation of NotNellaf and Tollmolia: make dizzying jumps, slide along the city streets and collect coins to win! #FortniteXJumpman

Shake the match with the Hang Time Bundle! Get new styles for Grind and Clutch outfits, as well as a unique set of challenges.

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Any player can try themselves in Downtown Drop LTM and perform free trials to get free rewards. Get Back Board Back Bling, nine Sprays for it, and four unique graffiti by completing the Extreme Walk test. The owners of the Hang Time set also get access to additional challenges and can get styles for Grind and Clutch outfits.

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Challenge friends and find out who is worthy of wearing the title of G.O.A.T.

Not yet accustomed to Fortnite? On our site you will get all the necessary information.

Have a good Battle Royale, fellas!



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