Fortnite Summer Block Party

Epic Games introducing Fortnite Summer Party at the Forum Arena in Inglewood, California. This is a two-day party for Fortnite fans, as well as your favorite authors and celebrities.

See on Saturday, June 15, how celebrities and your favorite streamers will participate in the first creative contest! Teams will fight for victory in a new game mode created by players specifically for this event.

On Sunday, June 16, the Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity tournament will take place again! Join us and watch how several teams will fight for the royal victory.

Tickets for the summer party will be on sale soon. The minimum ticket price is $35. The ticket will allow you to attend both events and the festival for Fortnite fans! To pre-register to purchase tickets, open the Fortnite page on the Ticketmaster website and enter your details. When tickets go on sale, you will receive a notification. Pre-registration restricts access to buying tickets for speculators and bots and increases the chances of Fortnite fans to get to the event.

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You will meet more than 20 of your favorite Fortnite characters, including Peely, Fishstick, and Brite Bomber! You can ride a zipline, climb a pirate ship and play mini-golf, and then refresh yourself in Durr Burger, Pizza Pete’s, Sofdeez Ice Cream Shop and other eateries that were moved from Fortnite to the real world. And you will have the opportunity to increase the level of real combat pass and get a reward!

Do not get to the event? Dont be upset! Both days we will be broadcast Live on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and other streaming services, and you can watch it from anywhere.

More details about the event will appear in the coming weeks. Follow the news in Fortnite official groups on social networks.

Have a good Battle Royale, fellas!



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