Fortnite Competitive Development Update

The development of Fortnite is based on several principles. First of all, developers strive to create an interesting game for everyone, in which anyone can win thanks to skill, strategy or luck. They also constantly add something new so that the players don’t get bored. And finally, they have the desire to play was fun.

At the Fortnite competition, the creators stick to the golden mean: providing participants with a balanced gameplay by the same rules, while their version of Fortnite is no different from that familiar to hundreds of millions of fans. After all, it is these people who watch Fortnite tournaments, and the perspectives of competitors directly depend on their interest.

Therefore, it is difficult to take into account the needs of various groups of players. The developers of Epic Games are closely following the discussion in the community of competitions in Fortnite and believe that so far they have not been active enough. Now the developers will try to participate more in the discussion and start by explaining the reasons for the recent and future changes.

Siphon and Construction Material Limit

Let’s start with the changes associated with the “Siphon” and the limit of building materials.

Due to the extremely tense atmosphere during online competitions, participants noticeably changed the style of the game: they attacked less at the beginning of the battle, therefore quite a few players remained near the end, who went into full defense. Epic Games have added the Siphon mechanic to the express tournaments to push the players to a more aggressive interaction, typical of the usual game modes, and to increase the entertainment of the competitions.

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In the end, relying on the community reviews, Siphon made the game more interesting for experienced players, of whom no more than 10%, and the remaining 90% were disappointed and began to play less often.

Over time, players began to lose interest in the main modes. They complained that the game was too intense to enjoy it. Due to the fact that the players were unhappy, and the number of effective playing styles decreased, we decided to remove this mechanic.

For lovers of “Siphon” and difficult battles, we always offer an accessible arena mode, in which this mechanic is preserved and the maximum amount of materials is limited.

Screen Size Resolution and Viewing Angle

Many competitors asked to add a viewing angle scale to adjust visibility during intense battles in high buildings. Also, the players were very unhappy that the developers removed the ability to stretch the image (this function was required to display the game on old monitors with a 4: 3 resolution, the picture was distorted because of it).

The developers abandoned these functions for a number of reasons:

The drawn figures of the characters and the distorted perspective spoiled the impressions of Fortnite to the players and viewers;

Epic Games have tried to get away from customizable settings, as they can give players a significant advantage.


The game has a number of errors that players at high levels usually encounter, and the development team recognizes that they have not always been consistent in their actions regarding these errors, but continue to work on correcting them.

Future Plans

Epic Games are going to reconsider our methods of communication with the competitive community: in particular, talking about topics that excite players and are discussed at convenient sites. During the competition season, developers are going to participate more actively in discussions on online forums dedicated to the development of the arena and competitive formats.

Have a good Battle Royale, fellas!



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