Fortnite can Borrow One of the Main Features of Apex Legends

Apex Legends is becoming a trendsetter in the Battle Royal genre – Fortnite is ready to borrow something from it.

The ability to resurrect allies even after their death is a distinctive feature of Apex Legends. One of the developers of Fortnite, answering questions from players on Reddit, said that Epic Games is considering the possibility of adding a resurrection to the game after the final death.

According to the comments of the insider Epic games: “We are studying this mechanic. We will add it to the game when we better understand how it will affect the entire gameplay. Perhaps the resurrection will appear already in the 8th season.”

Apex Legends has already dropped Fortnite from the top of Twitch, luring away its famous streamers. Therefore, it is logical that Epic Games is ready to borrow some “chips” from a successful competitor.

Have a good Battle Royal, fellas!



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