Fortnite Birthday, Bonus Tests And Exclusive Outfit Of The Fortnite World Cup Final!

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The end of the season is just around the corner, but many more interesting events await us. There are just a few days left until the second birthday of the game and the final of the Fortnite World Cup, so let’s take a closer look at this!

Bonus Trials

Trials will begin on Tuesday, July 23, and continue until the end of the ninth season. Perform them to get additional rewards in addition to the awards of the season and prepare for new adventures. Tests will be opened in stages: first, only three tests will be available to you, but every three days new ones will open. All tests will become fully available on Monday, July 29th. Owners of combat passes will be able to get three new equipment, and all other players will receive new loading screens and a whole sea of ​​experience – so go into the game and end the season as successfully as possible!

Fortnite’s Second Birthday!

How fast time flies! Since the release of the game it has been two years. The holiday on the occasion of the second birthday of Fortnite will begin this Thursday, July 25, and will continue until the next Wednesday – July 31. Celebrations will take place on the entire map of the “Battle of the King”: you are waiting for loads with gifts, holiday cakes and a gift item that you can throw your team. We also decorated the battle bus and added special music to it to create the right mood. In addition, during the holiday you can get a pickaxe, a wrapper and other cosmetic items that will help mark it on a grand scale.

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In the “Save The World” mode, the holiday has already begun! Complete holiday assignments to get summer tickets and a new themed hero – Birthday Brigade Jonesy. Do not forget to get birthday llamas 2nd anniversary: ​​you can find in them drawings of the best weapons added to Fortnite in the last 12 months. The holiday will continue on the 25th day in the store – having looked into it, everyone will be able to receive the birthday llama of the 1st anniversary as a gift … That is, at our expense!

Final Fortnite World Cup

This week the final games of the biggest competition in the history are waiting for you: 40 million participants fought for the victory! After the weekend, we will announce the world champions in pair and single game modes. On Friday, July 26, at 03:00 Moscow time, the store will receive an exclusive Fortnite World Cup 2019 Outfits – World Warrior World Cup. The ‘Kiss the Cup’ emote will also be available beginning Friday, July 26. It’s impossible to get these items later, so don’t forget to pick them up before they disappear forever. It will happen on Monday, July 29th.

Note: If you have a Fishstick equipment, enter the game today, Wednesday 24 July. The special World Cup style is unlocked automatically. Do not forget to do this before July 29, when exclusive items become unavailable. This is a temporary offer!

Thank you for getting ready for the Fortnite World Cup finals with us! We are happy to celebrate the success of Fortnite and give the main prize to the winner along with you!

See you in the battle bus!



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