Drum Gun, LTMS As Tournaments, And Disconnecting Duos

This week we will discuss the recently returned Drum Gun and the time modes in tournaments, as well as the final position on what happens when an ally in a doubles battle is disconnected from the game.

Drum Gun

Last weekend, during the “Long-awaited Return” event, most players decided to return the game to the game with a disk shop. This weapon immediately appeared in the trophy tables of all Fortnite modes (including the arenas), with the exception of the tournament held that weekend.

Drum Gun with a disc shop will also appear in the tournament this weekend. In the update of 9.00, which was released today, we made changes, thanks to which the software with a disk shop will appear with the same frequency as similar items. We will closely track feedback during the season to determine the next steps.

LTMS As Tournaments

As soon as the Fortnite World Cup online tournaments are over, we plan to add new interesting competitions. On the eve of the final of the Fortnite World Cup, developers will experiment with additional
non-Battle Royale events, for example, they will add creative and temporary modes to the number of weekly tournaments. This will make the competition more dynamic and open up more opportunities for victory. Join the game, try new modes and have fun, and studio will collect statistics weekly.

Displacement Of Players In Double Battles

Starting from the second week, players report situations where one of the participants in a pair battle does not connect to a tournament match, but the remaining player can participate and earns points. At the same time, such a pair does not officially count points scored due to disconnection.

In the arena and in tournament modes the match is not counted as one of 10 qualifying matches, if one of the partners is turned off in the training zone before landing in the combat bus. This was done on purpose, since it is very difficult to play alone against pairs and many do not want one of their 10 possible qualifying matches to take place under unequal conditions.

In addition, we reflected this point in one of the points of our official rules:

4.2.3    During Stage One all players on a team must be present and partied up together in order to participate in this stage of the Event. Players on a team may not play Solo during Stage One. 

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However, developers want to eliminate the rare situations when this system harms players who are able to achieve success even without a partner. In update 9.10, we will add a special message with options for actions when a partner is turned off in the training zone. With this message you can leave the match or stay and complete it alone.

Note: if you do not make a choice, we will by default exclude you from the match before the departure of the battle bus. We chose this option for the default action, because it is often much more profitable to restart a match with a partner, rather than spend one of 10 qualifying games, having to play alone against pairs.

Some players offer to include the results of past matches in which singles fought with couples in the overall Fortnite World Cup score and make appropriate changes to the standings.

However, the current wording of the rules does not allow for a retroactive change to the tournament. Otherwise they would have violated the reliability of the tournament results, since it would have turned out that some teams played more than 10 matches allowed by the rules.

Season 9 Update

Today the new season began and an update of 9.00 came out, which made a number of serious and less significant changes to the game. As you probably already noticed while reading the description of the update, developers removed several items from the game this morning.

If you still do not know, here they are:

  • Balloons;
  • Clingers;
  • Poison dart trap;
  • Pump shotgun;
  • Scoped revolver;
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle;
  • Thermal Assault Rifle;
  • Treasure map.

But new or well-known items that have appeared today:

  • Combat Shotgun (for full details check patch notes);
  • Grenades.

In addition, your character now stays in the match for 60 seconds after a shutdown or forced exit. Thus, opponents will be able to get points for your destruction, even if you disconnect. This change should reduce the number of cases of deliberate withdrawal from the match.

Why did you remove these items? Especially the pump shotgun!

The developers assured the community that they want the beginning of each season to bring players fresh impressions and delight with new products. New ways to move around the island, new types of weapons or just new points for landing – all this opens up scope for exploration and fresh sensations. As for pump-action shotguns, they stand out noticeably against the background of other weapons: they now account for more than 26% of all destruction.

Have a good Battle Royale, fellas!



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