Design Discussion: Twine Peaks!

In version 8.50, Twine Peaks high-level zones will be changed. Observing the discussions of the players and reading the reviews that many lack the difficult missions, developers understood: it is time for a change!

Developers will add five new levels of difficulty at the end of Twine Peaks specifically for experienced players. The maximum power of the base will be 128, and tasks for four players and urgent missions will become much more difficult. Gradually, in “Save the World” there will be more difficult tasks: we want you to be ready for the coming battles.

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The harder the task, the more valuable the reward! For completing new missions, players will get more valuable rewards. Passing Twine Peaks, you will find materials of the 5th level, including light and sunny. By opening the chests and mining, you will also receive more useful mining. These changes will help you get a set of high-level drawings, so you no longer have to create low-level items and save valuable materials.

And this is only the first innovations designed to complicate the campaign. In the 9th season, according to the developers, the adventures will become even more interesting, and the battles are more dangerous!

Have a good Battle Royal, fellas!



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