Creative Tournament Fortnite World Cup

We remind you that the first qualifying online tournaments of the Fortnite World Cup were held on April 13, and the championship final will be held in New York from July 26 to 28. The Fortnite World Cup prize fund will be given a portion of the $ 100,000,000 earmarked for the 2019 tournaments, and the rewards will go to not only the participants of the “Battle Royal”.

Everyone can win

Five events, five different creative tests, invented by the authors of the community.

The creative tests of the Fortnite World Cup are five events dedicated to five games in creative mode. Fifteen best players will take part in a special contest in the final of the Fortnite World Cup and compete for awards, and the prize fund will be $ 3,000,000.

Qualifying round

As part of the creative tournament Fortnite World Cup you are waiting for five events from April 29 to June 7. Every week you will be able to undergo a new creative test and send us a video marked with a special hashtag on YouTube. Each week, the judges will choose the best works: their authors will receive an invitation to the finals of the creative tournament Fortnite World Cup in New York!

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The first test created Cizzorz, and he will determine the winners. Subscribe to the Cizzorz page and the official Fortnite pages on social networks in order not to miss the news about the first creative test. Each week, the test will change to give you a better chance of qualifying.

Subscribe to the official Fortnite social media pages and follow the news about the Fortnite World Cup creative tournament. Judges will soon tell you more about creative trials!

Have a good Battle Royale, fellas!



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