Creative – Creator Contest

Fortnite Developers

We are pleased to announce the start of the competition of temporary regimes!

For the first time in the history of Fortnite, we will add to the game a temporary mode entirely created by the author of the community using the tools of the creative mode. This is your chance to reach new heights! Just imagine: millions of people will play your game, just like in the “Team Fight” or “50 on 50” temporary modes.

Working on a creative mode, we really wanted to give players the opportunity to create their own time schedules. The venue, which appeared in the seventh season, was the first step: the players began to share their creations with each other. In the eighth season, we decided to go ahead and allow users to create temporary modes for other players. The only thing that limits you is your imagination and a set of tools for creative mode. The Fortnite gaming community is waiting for your creations!

Zach Phelps, Creative Director of Development

The author, whose work will be chosen, will receive an invitation to the program “Support for Authors” (provided that he is not yet a participant), and then millions of players around the world will be able to support him.


We consider only multiplayer games in which at the same time can participate from 4 to 16 players. The command breakdown can be, for example, this (although you are free to come up with any other options):

  • 4 teams of 4 players;
  • 2 teams of 8 players;
  • 2 teams: 4 and 12 players (a team of 4 people should have an advantage!);
  • 15 players against one;
  • You can choose any genre and theme. Show your imagination! Imagine yourself in the player’s seat: think over the gameplay, formulate clear guidelines and goals.

We advise you to set the duration of the game from 10 to 20 minutes – this increases the likelihood that people will want to play it again. Focus on our time schedules – they have an optimal match duration and it is interesting to play them when re-passing.

The game must be such that all participants have something to do during the match. It will be embarrassing if some people play and have fun, while others sit and wait.

Your goal should be to create the most fun and exciting game for users of different skill levels.

Invite your friends to test your game a few times.

When submitting your work, please indicate:

  • Your name in the Discord;

Your e-mail address, a link to a video on YouTube where the following will be presented:

  • General view of your game;
  • Top view of the island;
  • Screenshots;
  • Name of the game;
  • Description of the game.

Submission of Works

Works are accepted until April 9. Send the finished work to us through the official submission page for consideration. The winning game will appear in Fortnite as a temporary mode shortly after the end of the competition!

Have a good Battle Royal, fellas!



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