Best Gaming Controller for PS4, Xbox and PC to Play Fortnite

Best Controller for Fortnite – PS4, Xbox One, and PC Game Controllers

Fortnite has become the worldwide gaming phenomenon that puts the players into the battle royale where they battle to the death in order to see who can reign supreme, has killed productivity at offices, caused kids to miss big tests and changed the landscape of gaming. Each day millions of player around the worlds are playing Fortnite Battle Royale or think about the next time play, and when they play, they are also looking for an advantage to get one over on some of the experience players.

To help you to take advantages, we have compiled the roundup of controllers that will help you enjoy Fortnite more effectively. Whether you are playing on a console like PlayStation 4, Xbox One or you have opted to play in the PC; the following controllers will help be a better and more effective. 


Here is the list of Best Controls for Fortnite:

Razer Wolverine Ultimate – Best Xbox controller for Fortnite

Advanced Customizability for Ultimate Control. Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a most customizable controller for competitive play both on Xbox One and PC and known as truly the perfect weapon for playing Fortnite Battle Royale. The device feature 6 programmable buttons that you can remap on the fly, it’s the next best thing to the mouse and keyboard. 

This accurately designed controller sports a sexy look with ergonomic grips, Chroma lighting, and an interchangeable d-pad. It is designed by a professional team and ton of thought has been put into the layout, and you are sure to find the best key bind combos with a little practice. The bottom of this controller has loaded with the quick control panel for easy access to your main functions. Overall, Razer Wolverine Ultimate is one of best Xbox and PC controller for Fortnite.



  • Customize to a personal fit
  • Wide selection of lighting
  • Extra buttons for expert control
  • Ergonomic design
  • No wireless support
  • Costly

Dualshock 4– Best PS4 controller for Fortnite

Wireless Technology, Multi-touchpad, Headphone Jack and easy charge. Dualshock 4 is the coolest controller for PS4 defines this generation of play that combines revolutionary features and precision controls. The Evolved analog sticks and trigger buttons allow for unparalleled accuracy with every more while advanced technologies offer an exciting way to experience your games and share your best moments. 

The most shocking thing about this stunning controllers is that it has much rounder and sleeker frame as opposed to its predecessor. The speaker and touchpad give it a quite futuristic feel. Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller also comes with multiple colors such as standard black, white, green, silver and gold as well as blue, white and red transparent crystal variants. 



  • New Shape
  • Clickable Touchpad
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Prefect triggers
  • Light bar
  • Analog stick coating
  • Terrible battery life
  • Rubber thumbsticks

ZD T– Best PC controller for Fortnite

ZD T Gaming Controller is one of best gaming controller since it can be used with PC, smartphones and other platforms. The controller equipped with premium vibration technology that every player need the most. The best part about this controller is that it is just plugged and pay via its decent USB cable and then you are ready to play your preferred games with reliable and smooth controls without no worries at all.

ZD T features enhance joystick sensitivity, vibrational feedback, and simple wired connection, you can expect easy gameplay that does not lack features. Plus the ergonomic shape boasts comfortable grips that will keep you in the game for hours. Unlike most of the popular gaming controllers, it also offers profile and unique lighting features that provides an additional flair for style-conscious gamers. If you are looking a best PC Controller for Fortnite, it is an excellent option for you. 



  • Plug and Play
  • Full Vibration Feedback
  • Turn on/off light
  • JD switch function
  • Stiff Cord
  • Too darn Shiny
  • Trigger and bumpers are not very responsive

SteelSeries Nimbus – Best Apple device controller for Fortnite

SteelSeries Nimbus is a modern gaming controller that lets you play hundreds of your favorite controller support video games including Fortnite on your Apple TV and other Apple devices. This full-size gaming controller comes with ergonomic design, lighting connector, LED notification, easy to navigate menu button and pressure sensitive buttons for the most precise controls that enable you to rest your hand on them without accidentally activating one.

The SteelSeries Nimbus does not have much in the way of extra functions and features that probably a good thing. As will any Bluetooth accessory all you have to do to get it and running is press the Bluetooth button on the controller and then the pair it on your Apple TV or device of choice. It’s a foolproof process, and you can connect it to the variety of Apple devices without any issue. 



  • Long Battery Life
  • LED notification
  • Comfortable to hold
  • High-quality controls
  • The companion app is poor
  • Too Light

Razer Raiju – Best Wired/Wireless Gaming controller for Fortnite

The device takes your console gaming experience to the next level. Razer Raiju is another PlayStation 4 gaming controller that comes with some new functions and features. Such as four additional buttons (two bumpers at the shoulders and two removable triggers on the underside), fine-tuned, stunning shape and quick control panel. This gaming controller is incredibly durable and extensively tested by esports professional players, dominate your game with this unrivaled controller. 

Razer Raiju is much bigger as compared to other standard Sony PS4 joypad and is very comfortable. If you have got bigger hands, although if your hands are on the smaller side, you might find the analog sticks a little bit of a stretch to reach. In order to deliver the comprehensive experience, this gaming controller put control at your finger. From Toggling between profiles to adjusting both the game mic and volume, its quick control panel give you easy access to the whole range of function that conveniently located between the grips, and you can easily switch your preferences in-game without taking your hands off the controller.



  • Excellent build quality
  • Customizable
  • Headphone volume control
  • Expensive than others
  • Unappealing to casual players
  • Inferior for competitive play

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